Agriturismo La Valletta Agriturismo La Valletta

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Strong of the Venetian tradition and totally complying to farms lifestyle, the farm La Valletta offers for its dishes only high quality products and by most of its production. Starting from the preparation of homemade pasta to livestock farming and the production of high quality wines, all dishes served taste of nature and freshness.

The typical menu served at La Valletta is simple and draws on the tradition of the city in which he resides, Vicenza, but at the same time knows to be tasty and refined. Dishes offered daily from the farm are in fact bigoli with duck sauce and grilled mixed meat, appetizers of cold cuts and wonderful homemade desserts.

In winter, for example, the cuisine is made stronger of pumpkin risotto as well as lamb or fowl cooked in the oven.

Spring and summer follow the first fruits which nature offers with the fresh and delicate taste of pasta with mixed vegetables, but they also conquer the palate with macaroni with sausage, roast turkey or marinated pork tenderloin.

The autumn season, colorful and fragrant, knows fettuccine with truffles and stew, perhaps with hot polenta.